BOTTOMFEEDER is an upcoming comic series from the best-selling author of RESURRECTION EXPRESS and MASTERS OF HORROR and the makers of BLACK DEVIL DOLL. Based on a controversial unproduced screenplay for what was to be “the edgiest post-modern horror-noir experiment of all time,” the project was described by its producer Shawn Lewis as HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP meets the BAD LIEUTENANT.” Combining elements of classic tough guy cinema with the unflinching cynical realism of Abel Ferrara and the wild monster horror of 1980s grindhouse exploitation films, BOTTOMFEEDER is a gory, unflinching, provocative ride that “begins . . . where the slime ends.”

The story takes place in the fictional port city of San Lucifer, California, where lieutenant Joe Angell is in over his head with a series of brutal murders. Women are being attacked and impregnated by a hideous, mutated toxic waste creature—a creature that Joe himself has unwittingly helped to create! A dirty cop with a bizarre and incongruous moral code, Joe fights and fucks his way through a bottomless, haunted existence filled with self-hatred and heroin addiction. His bold on-the-street moves bring down the wrath of everyone from drug dealers to fellow cops to the shadowy leadership of a mysterious chemical company, with whom Joe has done a shady deal-with-the-devil.

As the towering, sex-crazed toxic waste monster continues its bloody massacre by night—spawned from the genetic code of catfish, combined with the DNA of man—Joe is given bizarre visions that may provide the key to stopping it. But will he fall victim to his own demons before he can face down the menace? In a shocking downward spiral of murder, torture and revenge, the bad lieutenant will face those demons head on—and, finally, a monster just as ugly as he is, a grotesque abomination that mirrors Joe’s own broken soul, in a deep, dark place of absolute, final horror.

  • The 4-issue series is adapted, designed and lettered by best-selling author STEPHEN ROMANO from his own screenplay, which was based on a story by producer SHAWN LEWIS, JOSEPH MENDEZ JR. and Romano.

  • The series is illustrated by PATRICIO CARBAJAL and colored by JAVI LAPPARA.

  • BOTTOMFEEDER is coming soon to your local comic retailer!

    Sample Pages


    A gruff, foul-mouthed Army veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm, haunted by the death of his only child, Joe now hustles the streets of San Lucifer as a dirty cop with nothing to lose. He’s a heroin addict and a mean player, who busts heads and gets into trouble with everyone. But ask him if he gives a shit. As he plunges into the darkest case of his career, Joe will find that not everything is what it seems and the real monster may be him . . .

    A former NYC medical doctor, doing time as the head of pathology in San Lucifer, after narrowly avoiding prosecution on a malpractice suit. A periodic heroin sniffer, OSteen lives life on the edge, taking no shit from the tough male cops and scumbags around her. As she unwittingly becomes Joe Angell’s partner, Osteen will find her faith tested, her knowledge thwarted, and her sanity shattered in a final nightmare of blood, slime and vengeance . . .

    ZOE Z
    A strung out 17-year-old prostitute in business for herself, who becomes Joe’s lover in one desperate, drug-crazed night of abandon and redemption. Her days on the street are numbered, however, as she becomes stalked by something far worse than the standard-variety freaks and Johns . . .

    The head of the Rashid Chemical Company with a mysterious and twisted agenda, here is the man behind the madness, calling the shots from a very dark room, where plans are being developed that no one will be safe from. . .

    A former reality TV star with her own daytime talk show, Kass has lived long enough to see it all—and watch her beauty and her celebrity fade. As she desperately stages a comeback while carrying on an illicit affair, something twisted awaits to deliver her a fate far worse than death . . .

    A depraved midnight stalker prowling the streets of San Lucifer in search of nubile female marks, this evil man’s mysterious identity and twisted past may bring about the downfall of the entire city . . .


    Stephen Romano

    STEPHEN ROMANO is a best-selling book author, screenwriter and illustrator, whose short stories, novels, comic books and film projects have garnered critical acclaim from some of the most respected authors and media sources in the world. He is the author of RESURRECTION EXPRESS, a high octane thriller novel from Simon and Schuster, now in development as a major motion picture from the producer of the billion-dollar RUSH HOUR franchise. Stephen is also the co-author of BLACK LIGHT, a supernatural suspense novel from Little Brown and Company, on which he collaborated with top Hollywood screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan of the billion dollar SAW franchise. Stephen was also the writer of INCIDENT ON AND OFF A MOUNTAIN ROAD for Showtime's Emmy Award-winning MASTERS OF HORROR cable series. Romano's ground-breaking illustrated novel SHOCK FESTIVAL depicted the lives of fictional exploitation filmmakers in the mode of movie memorabilia art. His professionally-commissioned e-book for the Amazon Kindle Worlds series, WAYWARD PINES: BEFORE THE FALL, has been a popular success, enjoying many months on the best-seller list. Romano lives in Austin, Texas.

    Shawn Lewis

    Shawn Lewis is the mastermind behind all the dirty stuff that goes down at ROTTEN COTTON GRAPHICS, widely known as the "Number One Underground T-Shirt Syndicate on the Fucking Planet."  He screen-prints all the shirts over there by hand (slowly) and enjoys bitching and complaining about it to anyone within earshot.  He's worked with exploitation/horror titans such as Chas Balun, Bill Moseley, Rob Zombie and Grindhouse Releasing, and was the publisher of the sleazy-epic Blackest Heart Magazine and the legendary horror rag Deep Red Magazine.  Over the past two decades, Shawn has overseen and executive-produced an impressive number of horror themed collector’s items---everything from novels and comics, to rare soundtracks releases and even laserdiscs. In 2007, Shawn decided to try his hand at producing films, and the end result was the exploitation comedy fiasco BLACK DEVIL DOLL, which had a successful 5 month midnight theatrical run in over 35 cities and was a major Netflix and DVD contender. BLACK DEVIL DOLL continues to be drunken cult-classic at parties all over the world and has spawned Shawn’s latest creative art-fart, THERE GOES DA NEIGHBA'HOOD, a new outrageous TV-sitcom featuring the star of BLACK DEVIL DOLL. You are welcome.  Motherfuckers.

    Keep up with Shawn at:


    Instagram: @rottenshawn

    Twitter: @rottencottongfx

    Patricio Carbajal

    Artist Patricio Carbajal started as a political cartoonist at various national newspapers in Argentina. Since then, he has illustrated a wide variety of impressive projects, such as Adamant Entertainment’s TALES OF FU MAN CHU and FOE FACTORY: MODERN TIMELINE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES by Rich Handley. In 2009 he painted the cover for FEMALE FORCE: SARAH PALIN, a biography comic series based on the lives of influential American women. The controversial book sold out and it’s currently in its third printing. In the same vein, Pat provided illustrations for the POLITICAL POWER comic series, featuring Presidents such as Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. Pat’s illustrations for ROCK AND ROLL COMICS: THE SIXTIES featured Ozzy Osborne, AC/DC and Guns n’ Roses. Pat’s first full-length graphic novel as sole illustrator was ALLAN QUATERMAIN, written by Clay and Susan Griffith, and published by Bluewater. For the comic series VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS, Pat debuted as a writer as well as illustrator. Other works include BACK IN TIME: THE BACK TO THE FUTURE LEXICON and the upcoming JAMES BOND LEXICON. At his website, you'll find a stunning body of work, featuring everything from H.P. LOVECRAFT to ROBOCOP. Pat also creates exclusive T-shirt designs for Rotten Cotton graphics. He lives in Argentina.


    Joseph Melendez

    JOSEPH MELENDEZ a.k.a. “DIABLO" is the creator/editor of the NETHERWORLD FANZINE, an underground horror film & music fanzine produced in the mid ‘90‘s. It later transformed into the public access cable show NETHERWORLD VIDEOZINE, which he co-produced & hosted. The show ran for 14 years, surviving until the final days of L.A.’s public access program. Melendez is the author of MEAT FOR THE BEAST, a limited edition horror comic and is currently resurrecting the NETHERWORLD FANZINE for the new age of social media. Hopefully his first full length horror novel BEYOND THE GATES will be published before he dies. Joseph lives with 8 cats & is obsessed with actress Jane Levy & pop singer Taylor Swift. You can reach him directly via e-mail at & visit the official Facebook page at




    Javi Laparra

    Javi Laparra began a long love affair with art and drawing in his early years. One of his favorite hobbies as a young boy was doodling after school in Guatemala, imagining wild and otherworldly visions with just a pencil and paper. He started his art pro career at the ENAP school of arts in Guatemala. Since then, he has completed many freelance jobs as a comic book colorist. BOTTOMFEEDER is his first full-length graphic novel project. He continues to study Illustration and concept art for games and movies at The Oatley Academy.

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